6 thoughts on “One Word Picture Challenge: Ant

    1. The whole forest is riddled with wood sculptures, mostly gnomes and animals (usually the furry kind). It looks as if they were all done by the same artist and what he couldn’t hide in the forest, has been positioned in the village nearby. Which in turn sparked a competition amongst the people there about garden sculptures and decorations. One man told us that nobody wanted a fish sculpture (the village is called Fischbach) and the artist wanted to throw it away in the end because nobody wanted it, so he took pity on it and placed it at the corner of his property.

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      1. I think he was commissioned. The other sculptures are more traditional, several figures reminiscent of garden gnomes but using binoculars, resting and having a snack etc. And bigger animals like a beaver or a rabbit. And fish (the next village is called “Fischbach”). I think these are his normal themes but he had to do an ant because somebody else decided to have the path marked with signs of ants and this is what he came up with.

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