Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings and Trees

The photo challenge asks for buildings and trees.  The first two pictures are maybe not quite was is expected, yet …


house tree 2

A house side panel in Weimar, Germany.

house tree 1

Literally, a house with a tree, Haus zum Dannenbaum (House of the Fir Tree) in Ladenburg, Germany.

And then something more traditional:

house tree 4

The entry building to the German national garden show in Brandenburg an der Havel.

house tree 3

Hermannshof, a show garden with the original house in Weinheim, Germany.



5 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings and Trees

    • Thanks. The first one was pure chance, it was a snapshot out of the car while standing at a traffic light. The other “mural” one has a blur right in the middle – it was still done with my old camera that had developed a “blur spot” (an electronic mistake, I did not forget to clean the lense ;-).

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