Cee’s Compose Yourself #18

This photo challenge was about contrasting colours. As a latecomer to this kind of challenge, I’m just putting my best if imperfect (sic!) pictures forward.

owpc bee

I’m just recycling this shot but it seems so appropriate for the contrast of green and purple.


Purple and yellow is next,with a more blueish purple.


And here the more traditional red – green combinations, from opposite sides of the calendar, the bright red holly berries which are almost synonymous with Christmas, and the deep red of ripe cherries which signify mid-summer.


Nature, particularly flowers seem to lend themselves readily to contrasting images but sometimes contrast is found on street level as well. Both these shop fronts were found in Edinborough.

cee contrast 4

And now for something completely different, the yellow and blue contrasts in these fantasy uniforms from a German carnival regiment in Mainz.  At least those two gentlemen were enjoying themselves.

Until I started looking through my photos, I hadn’t realised how often it was that contrasting colours were the reason I liked a particular photo better than another one.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: #18 Contrasting Colors

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