Geometry in the 3 Rs: rugby, religion and rocks

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Cee is right: after a while you see geometric figures almost everywhere.  To start off, here are some obvious choices, all from the same church in Mönchengladbach, Germany:

geo 3The geometric forms are obvious and don’t need further explanations.

From man-made, manageable shapes to the grandiosity of nature.  Many mountains are pyramid-shaped which is rendered as a triangle in two-dimensional space:

geo 7

And from the same corner of the earth, the Berner Oberland in Switzerland, the unmistakable triangle of the Eiger, overwhelming, breathtaking, and just plain HUGE:


geo 5

I seem to have a propensity to triangles as the following photos show quite clearly (all taken at the Rugby World Championship last autumn, in Newcastle, South Africa playing Scotland).  Whether it’s a group of players:

or individuals:

I found one without a triangle, though:


And just to end up with something completely different:


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