Plastic, wool, and feathers

“Always take more than one photo” – the reason being that a little shift in position, a different angle, a different background can change a bad photo to an mediocre one, a mediocre one to a good on.e

There is this farm where you can buy milk directly from the producer and as advertisements they put these plastic cows in front of the barn. It was snowing when I passed them and I snapped a few photos. The first one is awkward because the cow looks in the wrong direction, her head ultimately looking small in comparison to the body.  The roofs peaking over the bank are in the wrong position. In the second picture this is even worse making the photo very cluttered, just as in the third shot where the background just disturbs the figure of the cow in the front.  Getting close and shooting the black and white cow from below shows a portrait, it shows off the cow best but as a drawback the photo looses a lot of information.

The following shots are pretty obvious: the first one is too cluttered and getting close is the answer but I also captured the little wooly sheep from the top thus showing off his face mach better.

Last not least a series of Abigail, the goose.  While all the portraits are showing off different details my favourite is the larger photo because of the angle of the head.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Week #3 Always Take more than One Photo




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