Higher and higher

Vertical lines” – #7 from Cee’s Compose Yourself. I thought photographs for this challenge might be easy to find in my “archives” but … not so much.

This face of a building is interesting but I needed to crop it to get rid of the cars driving in front of it.  Keeping the same dimensions as the original,the windows to the right and left are distracting. I have the same problem with many photos of similar buildings (usually in fairly narrow streets) but this style fascinates me, nevertheless, it is typical for inner city buildings in the west of Germany, dating from around 1900.


This strange sculpture of two naked children was difficult to photograph as there was no suitable background on any side (cheap grocery stores etc., all in this not very attractive architectural style).  The tree trunk in front of it doesn’t help either but it strengthens the vertical line.


Street lamps are usually thin and pointing upwards,


so are church spires.


This picture of this flaming orange tulip works in landscape format because of the close-up.


But even though the background is more cluttered in this portrait shot, I think the picture works better that way..


After having snapped the first shot of my husband walking between these houses in Sunderland, UK, I tried to align the lamps so that only the front one showed (husband plodding along unawares). No question which is the better photo, is it?

This a man-made attraction is highest cold-water geysir in the world.  The Andernach geysir shoots water up to 60 metres high at regular interval during summer.  It’s situated on a peninsula and ships bring about 300 tourists at a time, they watch the eruption and go back. In the first shot it looks pretty unspectacular, the vertical line isn’t strong and it basically just shows people milling around a fountain. D’oh.  The second shot is still nothing spectacular.

In the third shot – again I switched to portrait format to show off the fountain – the viewer joins the crowd in watching the fountain go up, enhanced by many of the onlookers pointing their own cameras upwards.


I prefer the close up of the erupting geysir itself, though, with nothing distracting from the water.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #7 Vertical Lines




One thought on “Higher and higher

  1. WOW…you really have some amazing photos. That Geyser is amazing especially your zoomed in photo of it. I like the street light photos with your husband. Yes, the aligned one work much better. 😀

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