Drei mal drei macht neune 🎵🎶

This time it is Cee’s introduction to the rule of thirds  – which harks back to the golden ratio.

Here are some simple versions of the rule of thirds – all taken in Northumberland – where the picture is divided by three lines, more or less dividing it into equal vertical stripes.






And now for something completely different – NOT.  The same principle but from a very different landscape (the Odenwald in Southwest Germany) and in very different colours.


Back to the see with a rusty detail.  It is often not so easy with automatic cameras to focus on a subject which is off centre – often this can be rescued later on with cropping.


This cat – Louis by name – shows off the rule of thirds to his advantage, the eyes are in the upper left field and are the obvious centre of this shot.


His mate Charly presents two focal point – his eye and his nose, in the upper right and lower left field of the photo.  Both focal points vie for attention, the nose through its light pink colour but the eye with his intensive looks take the prize.



This is one of my favourite photographs with a model that posed like a pro.  Again, the rule of thirds is displayed in the horizontal lines, the more solid lower one, the upper one being less obvious one, as well as in the main focal point of the photograph, the head of the seagull.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #9 Rule of Thirds Introduction


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