Sandwiches cut diagonally just taste better.

‚ÄúDiagonal¬†lines‚ÄĚ ‚Äď #8 from Cee‚Äôs Compose Yourself. One can write essays on diagonal lines, but the quintessential is,, : they make a photograph less boring. ¬†Here I have experimented with cropping and angling the shot more.

Running up a bridge – in pretty red dresses.


I didn’t need to angle this goose, it swam into my view in a perfect diagonal. Since I was standing practiacally on top of her/him this worked out quite well, and definitely less boring than just a straight horizontal swim.


A spot of outdoor bowling.  The diagonal of the bowler conveys the action of the moment, her face does the rest.


The diagonal here dominates the shot as basically the whole head of the animal is in a diagonal, the grass stalks points towards the focal point of the photo, the horses eye.


The drama in this photo comes, of course, from the woman’s face. ¬†But the two diagonals (the arm, and from her middle to her nose) make this shot more dramatic.


A bench on skis … if I there was any snow it might just slide off the picture.


A dramatic sunrise in the alps – with the closer mountain ridge just blocking the sun.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #8 Diagonal Lines




2 thoughts on “Sandwiches cut diagonally just taste better.

    • Thank you so much. I struggled (at first) to find diagonals. Then I was checking through my archives for something completely different and I found so many suitable diagonals I could have filled another blog entry … ūüôā


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