I haven’t managed to work through the backlog of Cee’s challenge (I hesitate to call it challenge it feels more like my private online tutoring) so my choices are limited to the early assignments.

I’ll start off with a photo which is not the greatest but it reminds me of a wonderful holiday.  The diagonal line divides the picture into two contrasting colours – not a hundred percent according to the colour wheel but close enough.  The famous Eiger Nordwand is as geometrical as triangles come and the mountain to the right (I think it’s the Jungfrau but don’t quote me) is not only a triangle but the slope of the Eiger and the slope in the foreground create a negative triangle as well.


Here are harmonious colours, i.e. colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel. From the yellow green in the bottom third to the deep green of the cornstalks to the blueish hue of the upper third.  Surprise! The photo is divided in more or less even thirds, and the different colours and patterns are so well defined that they create horizontal lines.8


Another photo teeming with geometrical shapes from the pink rectangle on the left, the acute triangle next to it and the isosceles triangle with the right angle in the upper right hand corner. There are a couple of smaller triangles as well. But I like it because of the great laugh which is so infectious.


Lines seem to show off best in black and white photos.

lines 1

Another leading curved line. The viewer is drawn along the the line created by the pier to the lighthouse which is off centre and a bit to the top. The sky above the horizont is an enormous amount of negative space.

lines 6

And one of my favourites with contrasting colours (blue opposite the orangey rust), the seagull with her head, the focal point, in the upper right 3/9.


I have definitely learned about taking photos and have realised that I use some of the principles now instead of just clicking.  But more so Cee has opened my eyes to see why I like some of happy-click photos a lot and others less. I tend now to think more before I click.  What I want to say to Cee is: Thank you!  You have taught me a lot in the last weeks (and I hope that you will keep doing this).

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: #20 Review and Practice





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