Countryroad, take me home

b+w road

A road in the Rhein Plain in early spring with the hills of the Odenwald in the back – a view to end all feeling of homesickness – at least for me.

Eine Straße in der Rheinebene im Frühling mit den Bergen des Odenwalds im Hintergrund – zumindest für mich ein Anblick, der jedes Heimweh verscheucht.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Roads of Any Kind



4 thoughts on “Countryroad, take me home

    1. Thank you. There is a poem in our local dialect which states when you see those hills (and the two castles on top of them) the pulls on your heartstrings are done with because you know you’re not far from home. I’ve left abroad for many years and I’ve always felt like this when I came back.

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