Das Runde muss ins Eckige

A quote – reputedly from the former German national football coach Sepp Herberger – that’s not easy to translate since “eckig” means “angular” rather than “square”.  But f0r Cee’s next topic: “Centre point – breaking the rule of thirds” it is spot on to say:

“The round thing has to go into the square thing.”

Round things are fairly easy to centre and so these flower balls are perfect to illustrate pictures with a centre point.  In white:


and black:


and white again.


The rose below does not quite work as her middle is slightly off centre and the distribution of the petals is unbalanced.


The focal point here is the little bead below the earlobe which almost makes one miss the building reflected in the red stone.


I found this interesting as the centre point of this picture is found in the negative space slightly above and to the right of the knee but because of the diagonal division of the shot I think it works.


I like this little duckling and I’ve included a copy with the centre clearly marked.  It is not the beak as one might expect but the fluff on its chest where the feathers create a swirl looking almost as if everything radiates from that point.

And here is Mama Duck with a magnificent orang beak as the centre point of the photo. I have changed the photo to black and white with selective colour for the beak in order to emphasize the centre point and not get distracted by the pinkish feet or the brown duck to the left.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #11 Centerpoint – Breaking the Rule of Thirds


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