Two thirds can make a whole

Cee’s next challenge is concerned with “Using 2/3 of your photo frame” just the opposite from the previous one. 

I’ll start off with a gnarled treebark where the background was so light that it showed off completely white and featureless making the bark almost into a cut-out.


This was a “naturally occurring” 2/3 – a graveside flowerbed in a display of such plantings at the German horticultural show in Brandenburg an der Havel.  These small plots showed off gardening en miniature and since it was also a competition for gardeners meticulously cared for, I watched a gardener trim a bed with something that looked like nail scissors.  In this case the colourful display contrasted with the two variety of greens of the border.


A macro of a tulip – the spring colours at the moment are stunning.  The dark green leaves in the out-of-focus range form the perfect contrast to the bright orange of the blossom.


The same botanical garden features this abundance of tulips. In both shots the colour covers two thirds.  I think I prefer the second photo – neither of which I would have taken like this before reading Cee’s essay.



8One more flower shot, this time another landscape photo shot from below to block out anything but the clear blue sky in the upper third.


A cockerel contrasted by the green bokeh behind and to the left.



And to finish off a close-up of a white pony.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week #10 Using 2/3 of your photo frame


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