Evil is as evil does

“Perspective” and knowing what your main topic is – or, in my case, this often means only finding out later when I review my photos what the main topic was.

When I am out and about with my running friends I often snap photos – literally snap because I’m there to participate in the fun and taking pictures comes second.  Usually my main objective is to capture the people that are there with me.  We were having a break from our jogging/hiking day at the shores of Lake Constance.  Beer was waiting for us bobbing on the waves. I like the fancy clothes people are wearing at these occasions and I am particularly drawn to runners’ socks and their messages.


The next four shots were all taken at a pre-wedding party.  I was there with my camera and my brief was to take pictures of the guests as unobtrusively as possible.

In the first photo the focus is very obviously on the people and the overall garden setting showing off the newly acquired house of the soon-to-be-weds and the party area in front. Not a great shot per se but one setting the mood and showing the crowd.  The second photo was taken from the same position but focussing on the balcony with its pretty flowers and the bird cut-out and reflection in the window.

The following two shots are again taken with completely different objectives in mind.  The first one shows three guests on a cigarette break, totally unawares of being photographed. I liked the way they were standing next to the little amorette all in white.  It would have been better if the third person had not been blocked by the one in the middle (I could have moved to the right to avoid that).  The second shot focusses clearly on the head of one of the women.  I found the colours of her dyed hair fascinating.  Coming to think of it, this would have been a good photo to illustrate the 2/3 rule, bokeh and all.




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