Cold, warm, warmer – find the right temperature!

I’ve reached the colour section of Cee’s essays and this means two more to go and I will be up-to-date with the current week.

Warm and cold colours – as experienced in a single shot but the mood changes according to the post editing.  These sandstone crosses are pretty stark – they stand without any adornment.3

I 0ften prefer sandstone in warmer tones because the stone itself – with it’s different rosy hues establishes a warm feeling – but in this shot it mellows them too much and they lose their strength.


This witch tower is part of the medieval town wall of Ladenburg.  The clouds were dramatic and so was the light threatening a thunderstorm.


Going for warmer colours, the tower itself seems to glow and although the clouds have lost their darkness they seem to be sulphuric.  The emphasis was changed through the colour temperature, i.e. in the photo above it is more on the impending storm and in the one below on the tower.



I liked Cee’s idea of a colour collage and here is the “warm collage” – a collection of autumnal browns, greens, and yellows with a bit of red thrown in.

warm collage


And here is the opposite, cool blues and clear whites.

cold collage






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