The Forest spirits of Oberotterbach

We were in the south western corner of Germany this weekend, almost in France.  On our hike we came across these most unusual sculptures – not made out of cut wood but out of tree stumps.  Because of this these “spirits of the forest” are naturally camouflaged.  I found it a pity that the artist thought he had to make his work more visible by adding colour, I like the idea of them blending in the forest even at the cost of maybe missing some of them.

b+w camouflage 1

I like the fact that the wood is still changing, splitting and finally rotting.

b+w camouflage 3

But if you are alone in these woods – beware of crocodile!

b+w camouflage 2


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Hiding or Camouflaged



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