A castle, a river and mountains

Cee’s Compose Yourself – the challenge is: “landscapes”.

Two photos from Weinheim an der Bergstraße in Germany:



I prefer the second shot. In the first one, the area looks cramped as if it was in a narrow valley when in fact the Wachenburg looks over the wide Rhine plain.  The clouds not only add depth to the sky but the shadows they cast also add texture to the forest.


Another German river valley, this time the Moselle.  Vinyards rise on both sides of the river. The barge and the houses, especially the mansion on the left, serve as scale and enhance the steepness of the vinyards.


Same river, a number of kilometers downstream and at a different time of year:


The autumn mists casting a haze over the valley in the back, contrasting with the vivid colours of the yellowing leaves.


This is the Kleinwalsertal – a small anomaly as it is part of Austria but can only be reached from Germany because of the high mountain ridge towards the Austrian side.


This is half way up, looking straight out to the mountains of Germany:



Above Grindelwald in Switzerland, the bare rocks attest the higher altitude in this part of the Alps. The photographer in the foreground is deceiving  the viewer.  The shadow on his side of the mountain almost lets him look like a giant.


My final photo for this challenge – also from Switzerland with a paraglider high up in the air.  Again this perspective is teasing the viewer because as high as the paraglider is – he is well below the peaks in the background to the right.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: #21 Landscapes


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