City surfing

Another summer collage in response to värikollaasit:

The river Isar runs through Munich.  In the middle of the city a permanent wave is formed and it is said that this is where river surfing was first practiced.  Now during summer there is always a crowd watching as the surfers display their skills.

värikollaasit b



11 thoughts on “City surfing

  1. I think it is cool to see the river surfers and find it cool that people can surf a standing wave. Trying it would be cool.

    Yesterday though reminds me why the two are similar in some levels but not completely. Before entering the ocean, I had to deal with large fish and had to be aware if sharks were in the area. There were dolphins. Lots of paddling and catching the right wave was critical. River surfers do not experience this.

    Cool photos!

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    • Thanks. I found that river surfing needs a different kind of courage – to go out there and show your stuff before an audience, every time. I wish I could surf at all – the most I managed was body surfing. But that was cool, nevertheless.


      • One last way to look at the crowds and your fellow surfers. Everyone starts at crawling. For a person who made it to the professional level, I view my fellow non-professional surfers not as being worse than me…but as people on a different journey than me. Like a person who takes up martial arts. A microscopic fraction will be a master but for the millions of others; they are doing martial arts. Just not to the same degree. They should not be penalized for not spending their life training when they have other obligations.

        Finally, the crowd. It is daunting. And you have to know you will look foolish in front of them when you fall. You will fall. But remember…they are all people who are to scared to look foolish themselves. Thus why they are on the sidelines.

        Have a great weekend!

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      • I just found it in the river particularly daunting because there is no way to practice. It’s always the same wave and you need already a certain skill and a certain experience with that particular skill to stand a chance … but generally I totally agree. I am not surfer but I run (hate the word jogging but that’s probably what I do). I am VERY slow but it doesn’t bother me: I am running. Opposed to the however many people that don’t. 🙂

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