I was on the woodway*

(* explanation: this is a well known joke in German, a literal translation of a saying into English which in English of course, doesn’t make sense and is only funny for Germans – however, non-German speakers can take it literally: As I was walking in the woods …)

Who needs bubble wrap if you can have these:

nostalgie  5

nostalgie  3

nostalgie  2


Or spinning tops?

nostalgie  4nostalgie  6nostalgie  1

nostalgie 7

As much fun and much funner to find 🙂


3 thoughts on “I was on the woodway*

    1. Ja 🙂 Wusstest du, dass das die gleiche Familie wie Impatiens ist (die hatte ich in SĂĽdafrika an schattigen Stellen in Massen – man findet sie oft auf Friedhöfen hier…).

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