Starting off with some old rusty signs – I found them in Brandenburg, about 100 kms from Berlin.


The things drivers have to watch out for!  Don’t disturb frogs and don’t squash elderly people, or vice versa.


I think in this case I like the German town better than the French one although the car number plate is from the town of “Babe”.  Go figure.


This two signs were just … well strange. The one on the left reads in Palatian dialect: “There, look upwards!” I remember that it pointed to a piece of wooden art in the branches of a tree. And the one on the right is one in a series of signs that mark a path – but I have no idea what the creature is supposed to signify.


The same message in two different countries.


And finally, these are the two happiest signs in my collection.  Playgrounds.  For adults and even for kids.  The sign in German reads: “Playing  welcome! Laughing and romping around by children and adults is allowed! The director.”

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs of Any Kind


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