Every year, three weeks before Easter, we burn winter in our town and we use this occasion for a colourful parade.  It’s called “Sommertagszug”.  Besides the giant snowman there are the two “Butze”, the green one symbolizing summer and the hay one symbolizing winter.


Almost three thousand particpants from nursery and primary schools dress up and illustrate various spring themes.


Birds and beetles, flowers and weepy snowmen are part of the displays.


I love the imagination- and aren’t those little chicklets adorable?


And these days a lot of fathers accompany their little ones in the parade – and aren’t those two gardening enthusiasts adorable?


Onlookers line the streets, and the lucky ones have VIP seating.


Talking about VIP seating: lucky the boy or girl who can rely on dad’s strong shoulders.


In the end everybody assembles on the market square for a last look on Jack Frost for this year –


before he goes up in smoke.


And now the “Bretzel” won’t survive for much longer either.

I only wanted to pick one photo from yesterday’s festival for Cee’s oddball challenge (I particularly delight in the adults proudly wearing ridiculous outfits walking with their toddlers) but it ended in a photo gallery.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: March 26, 2017


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