there but for the grace of god

05 reflection b

“Spiegel der Geschichte” von Matthias Braun – a memorial in Schwetzingen, Germany, commemorating the victims of the Nazi era and urging future generations to safeguard democracy and human rights.

To me this installation signifies the truth that it happened to them and it can happen to us – the people reflected in the figures. The people seen clapping is an art  installation on the opposite side of the road called “Die Claque” from Guido Messer – depicting four men clapping with their eyes closed, applauding whatever they are paid to applaud.

05 reflection d

9 thoughts on “there but for the grace of god

    1. I like it. But it invites also a lot of goofing around from passers-by (who might overlook the dedication). Which is okay but I felt a silly ass after doing a series of rather fun but irreverent photos and then discovering the plaque.


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