7 thoughts on “On the lookout for summer

  1. Mainly for Aino: I wasn’t able to verify your wordpress account on your site and comment there –

    I was trying something new with the collage (I am not really happy how it is displayed (with the white edges), but I won’t change it for the moment as I am itching to go out in the sun and not sit in front of the computer anymore. ūüėÄ —
    — Every two weeks would work for me (provided the weather stays this gorgeous!).


    1. It’s a meerkat. They live in Africa, I know them from Namibia. They often stand on their hindlegs and look around. In the UK they have become famous for featuring in a series of humorous advertisements for a company called “checkthemarket.com” (and the mix-up that ensues when one types “checkthemerkat.com”.)

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    1. It is a meerkat (suricate, or in German: Erdmännchen). We were visiting the zoo with our grandchild on Friday, and he looked perfect for the challenge: earthy brown with the green background and always looking around.


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