Pick a word, any word, actually pick five

TS 07 branched



TS 07 vigilante



Queen Victoria



TS 07 hooked



TS 07 continual



Although Paula’s Thursday Special “pick a word” allows participants to pick only one word out of the five suggestions, half the fun is trying to find a photo for all five – and if there is something connecting them, all the better.

All my photos are from our British holiday a while back.

Branching: a directional sign at the canal in Birmingham.

Vigilant: a part of a monument on Sunderland’s sculpture trail about a father who every morning scours the sea for his missing son.

Pomp: A statue of Queen Victoria on Victoria Place in Birmingham.

Hooked: A seagull hooked by a fishing line around its legs.

Continual: Shakespeare’s coat of arms, as displayed on the house in Stratford-upon-Avon believed to be his birthplace.  Not a kind of quill (without the feather) as I always thought but  a spear as a pun on his name.

jupiter najnajnoviji


5 thoughts on “Pick a word, any word, actually pick five

  1. Fantastic and so smart! Your seagull is actually hooked not just a hooked beak :D, and the pun on Shakespeare, and the pomp of a sculpture. I enjoyed seeing and learning about them all. Thank you very much. It’s pleasure to have you join.

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    1. The pleasure is definitely mine! I never noticed that the seagull had a problem when I took the photo. I didn’t use the viewfinder but rather the electronic display on the back of the camera and since the sun was blazing I didn’t see much detail. Only when I looked at the photo enlarged on the computer screen did I see its predicament (which probably ended tragic). But I don’t think I could have done something about it as the seagull flew away with the others.

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