A place for everything

oddball 170825 a

Germans are made fun of because of our recycling habits.  The average household – depending where you live – separates trash into: organic, plastic, paper, glass, hazardous.  In some communities all glass is collected on certain days but there are also these large containers where people have to separate their glass for recycling in different colours.  Useful – yes. Noisy – yes (usually there are certain times where it is not allowed to throw glass in in order not to disturb residents). An eyesore – oh, yes!

oddball 170825 b

And right next to it: old clothes and shoes collection containers.

oddball 170825 c

And finally, a box of a different kind: on obsolete phone booth from an era not too long ago.  — Actually, I just realised: quite long ago.  Yellow for German phone booths went out in the 80ies, after that they were pink/grey in colour.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 25, 2017

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