The mouse ran up ad hoc

04 mouse c (640x480)

I have an ulterior motive with my 6 word musings this Saturday.  I was walking in the woods yesterday when this little creature ran in front of me on the path.  It was tiny, totally unperturbed, meeping in a high voice, and following ants on which it pounced and ate one after the other.  I think it was either a wood mouse or a bank vole – but the size still puzzles me. Its body was just an inch long, the tail about another inch. Any of the animals I checked up on are normally bigger.  Or was this a baby who was still learning to keep under cover and keep quite? I hope it learned fast.  Anyway, if somebody knows for sure what I saw I’d appreciate to hear from you.

The area was a fairly well frequented part of a large arboretum with exotic trees from all over the world, beech varieties are also included, pretty close to a town, in southwest Germany (Weinheim an der Bergstraße).

for: Six Word Saturday

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