One leaf at a time


This is the “tobacco fountain” in Lorsch, Germany.  Tobacco was cultivated in the area since the late 17th century; in 1949 2000 people worked in the tobacco industry (out of a population of 6000) but after the second world war it declined rapidly and the last factory closed in 1993.  The fountain shows a worker threading tobacco leaves so they could be hung up to dry.  Contrasting her busy work are a child and cat, both busy playing with marbles, while the modern day tourists in the background are busy relaxing.

This is for One Word Sunday, the word being – surprise! – busy.  More contributions can be found here.

7 thoughts on “One leaf at a time

    1. I think it was a combination of reasons. Competition from overseas was one reason. The growers in America cultivated in much larger fields and greater quantity which in turn meant with more machines and thus cheaper but they also produced better quality. Then their tobacco varieties were attacked by a specific illness. And on the upside it became more and more profitable to grow vegetables, particularly asparagus, in the area.


    1. Yes and yes about statues. Usually their surroundings make it tricky to get a good shot because they are distracting. Or the shadows. Or the details are weird from certain angles…


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