Walls and beams

I adore half-timbered houses and they are so well suited to monochrome photos because of the stark contrast they display.

24 house b

This house stands in the old part of town of Weinheim.

24 house a

This one in the even older part of the town (although many don’t know this).  Both are a few hundred years old.

24 house d

A farmhouse from the Odenwald showing the typical stone foundation with the half-timbered first floor and a later finished attic floor with shingles.

All these examples are from the southwest of Germany.  But I was in the north a few weeks ago and the styles in houses is completely different.

24 house f

The contrast in the brickwork again is ideally suited to monochrome photography.

24 house g

Contrast it is also with this heavily ornamented house.

24 house e

The sepia-toned photography makes this house – it is part of the monastry of Lorsch, a UNESCO world heritage site – timeless.  It could have been taken 100 years ago, or last summer (which it was).

This is for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge with the subject of — houses.

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