3 out of 5

… I knew. For the others I needed a dictionary.

31 candescent


So hot it is white – the fire in the kiln of a glass blower.

31 festive


She was all dressed up for the celebration.

31 auricomous


Bleached, flaxen, pale – well, if he had shaved I might have used the pic for festive.



Angles everywhere.

31 algid


It was summer and somebody had cooled the beer so much that when it was opened and put down the liquid and foam rose up and froze to the shelve.  If that happens again, can I say: “Have an algid beer?”  😀

For Thursday’s Special – Pick A Word.  More angular, auricomous, festive, candescent, and algid pictures can be found here.

jupiter najnajnoviji

7 thoughts on “3 out of 5

    1. I can’t seem to find the place to leave a comment on your site (no, please no jokes about being blond!). I can see now what you mean about the wig – yes, and worn with great aplomb! I adore the cinema, it really looks like a great place to watch movies.

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