Irony in Sunderland

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Sunderland City Council commissioned the artist Irony via “Fitzrovia Noir” to create a mural in a shelter on Roker beach.  This spot faces the beaches where Lewis Carroll was inspired, so it is said, and the piece carries the name “Alice in Sunderland”.  The shelter is dark and made darker by the black background, thus the UV ‘light responsive’ stand out particularly well.

More murals on a Monday can be found at Monday Murals.

5 thoughts on “Irony in Sunderland

    1. 😀 Ja, sind sie. Waren aber schwer zu fotografieren, weil es so dunkel war und dennoch hat das Schwarz reflektiert (weshalb es mit Blitz problematisch war). Heute würde ich mir mehr Zeit lassen, glaube ich.


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