Early favourite

135 Pitschi (640x480)

This was one of my most beloved picture books when I was little.  It disappeared with nieces and nephews and grandchildren but I was lucky to be able to find another copy.  It is the story of Pitschi, a little kitten who doesn’t feel that it fits in with the others.  So it goes off and tries to find a place for itself.

It tries to be a rooster, and a goat, and finally almost drowns when it goes swimming with the ducks.  It is rescued and the bunnies lick it try and take it home.  But at night it is very frightened, so when it is found in the morning it is very ill.  The old woman who lives on the farm takes the sick kitten and swaddles it like a baby until it is better again.  Then the farm dog takes Pitschi around in a pram because it is still too weak.   It ends with a big party to make the little cat smile again and Pitschi finally feels that it belongs and how beloved it is by everyone.

This is for The Daily Post and many more posts with the theme beloved can be found here.

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