Three castles in one town

Weinheim, in southwestern German, is known as the “two castle town” although “two fortress town” would be more accurate.   The lower one, called Windeck, is a ruin, more than a thousand years old.  The Wachenburg is a relatively new building, only about 100 years old, constructed as a venue for student fraternities of technical universities.  I like this shot because it shows the two castles from a different perspective than the usual photos of them.

136 home a (640x480)

Technically, the town should even be called “three castle town” – as there is also a proper castle, the small palace of the local count.  My parents’ house is close, actually their garden borders the wall surrounding the castle grounds.  This photo is quite unusual and does the whole structure a bit of a disservice but I like it because it is how I used to look up to the tower as a child, through the branches of the large cedar (said to be the oldest in Germany).   My dad used to work in this building (it houses the town council nowadays) and one can just see the window of his office in the bottom right corner.

136 home b (480x640)

Another wonderful feature and tourist attraction is the botanical garden “Hermannshof” which features many trees planted 200 years ago. It is a pleasure to visit any time of year.  This photograph was taken in early summer.

136 home c (640x480)

This is for The Daily Post, sharing photos of the place I live – again, after being away for many years.  Other people showing off their world can be found here.


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