How much is a Lothar?

On 26 December 1999 a winter storm or hurricane called Lothar raced across Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Black Forest in Germany.  The devastation was vast.  After clearing up all the mowed down trees, reforestation was tackled but in a particular area in the Black Forest a section of the woods was left untouched so that one could see how nature recuperated  if left alone.  A walkway was constructed to allow access without damaging the re-growth.

38 devastation c

38 devastation d

Ten years later one can still see the swath of destruction of the hurricane.

38 devastation e

The walkway leading over the small bushes and trees starting to reclaim the soil.

38 devastation b

38 devastation a

38 devastation

The trees which had been uprooted were left lying where they fell and their roots were exposed to the elements.

38 devastation f

We didn’t live in Germany then but we visited the “Lotharpfad” (Lothar path) ten years later.  My husband in particular enjoyed the trip as he is called Lothar.  He also enjoyed the headline of a tabloid a year later which read: “How much is a Lothar?” with the article tallying up the cost of the storm.

For One Word Sunday with the topic devastation.

7 thoughts on “How much is a Lothar?

  1. That was very interesting. I remember Lothar when it visited Switzerland. It was quite a windy occasion and somewhere we still have a small video that Mr. Swiss made when it was passing through. I remember it blowing our garden cupboard down. Since then we have had some more storms, especially last year and they are still replacing the many trees that disappeared.


  2. One year there was a forest fire near where we go in summer. That left devastation that will be around for years to come, but it was also the way of nature and fortunately, no one was hurt and only one small structure destroyed!


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