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Many German towns have a Judengasse (Jewish street).  In this article it is explained how these came about, usually in the Middle Ages.  The corresponding English wiki article is more about Jewish ghettos in Germany, and generally in Europe.  In my hometown the street is in the middle of what used to be the quarter where tradesmen and farmers lived.  The photos are from the town of Worms in the Upper Rhine valley. The street ends in a place in front of the old town wall which has been named after a Jewish teacher who became the head of the Jewish school in Worms when the German Nazis expelled Jewish students from “German” schools.  She was murdered in a concentration camp.  As is often the case in Germany when streets are named after a person a short explanation is attached to the street sign – which is a good way to learn about history in general, and people in particular.

More photos of paths, streets, alleys can be found at Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

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