There is no elevator

016 stairs 3 (480x640)

Stairs leading to the castle ruin Windeck in Weinheim.


Stairs leading up to the statue of Bavaria from the Oktoberfestplatz in Munich.

016 stairs 1 (480x640)

Stairs in Mainz leading to the Oberstadt.

016 stairs 4 (640x480)

Stairs in the dunes behind Bamburgh Castle.

Stairs are paths, too.

For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.Β  More paths, streets, roads, etc. can be found here.

10 thoughts on “There is no elevator

    1. You might have guessed from some of my pics that I belong to a running group (well, a running group of sorts). We usually follow a pre-laid trail with “falsies” (aka: dead ends, you have to return to the last junction and look in a different direction). Can you guess that a “bad trail” sign is usually at the top of stairs like that?


      1. I was a Scout. We had a game called Chalk Chase with arrows drawn on the footpaths, roads etc to follow and an X at dead ends. Luckily there weren’t stairways πŸ™‚


      2. Hashing is very similar in this regard. Although some playful maliciousness comes into it, the idea behind false trails and dead ends etc. is actually to keep the running group together (that is strong and fast runners run more, have already tried a wrong way by the time the slow pokes (like me) come hobbling to the crossing. A successful hash trail means that most of the participants arrive back at the start within a few minutes of each other and stronger and weaker runners have had a good workout according to their own ability. It doesn’t always work but that is the idea behind it.

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