Well, it happened …

Lothar interviewed by the SABC

In 2015, my husband and I went to the Rugby World Championship in the UK.  We saw two games: South Africa vs. Samoa in Birmingham, and South Africa vs. Scotland in Newcastle.

It was an unexpected and unlikely coincidence that we met a cameraman working for the SABC in Birmingham while sightseeing in town, a day before the game.  It was quite unlikely that we would meet him again in Newcastle, this time with his whole team trying to catch interesting shots and interviews with fans, again a day before the game.  But the cameraman recognised my husband with whom he had talked for awhile privately a week earlier, and so he came to be interviewed by South African television. But it was even more unlikely that a South African friend actually saw the clip, barely a minute long, tucked away in a late-night special human interest slot about the RWC.

But the most unlikely would be if we ever see people dressed up more patriotic than the South African fans on this day.  The most impressive ones were the “cross dressers” – fans who combined Scottish and South African elements in their attire:

For The Daily Post: Unlikely.

More unlikely shots are linked here.

PS: Sorry, I can’t get rid of the second lot of picture. They don’t show up in editing mode.

4 thoughts on “Well, it happened …

  1. Certainly a series of unlikely incidences, to paraphrase Lemony Snickett. We love watching rugby as my husband was quite a good player for a number of years before, and a few after, we met. When rugby is on TV, he’s completely enthralled. 🙂


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    1. My husband came to rugby relatively late. In South Africa he watched cricket. Rugby never. Until we were in holiday on Cyprus and watched game between Australia and South Africa in a pub. And he was so impressed by the fairness of the game and of the spectators. Completely different to what he was used from football/soccer. He got more interested and is now completely hooked. He enjoys 7s a lot as well.


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