So many books, so little time

17 books 1 (640x480)

Die Leserin (the reader), a sculpture in front of the public library of Ladenburg, Germany.

17 books 8 (640x480)

Start them young!

17 books 9 (640x480)

A building site fence in Stratford-upon-Avon.

17 books 4 (640x480)

Bind your own books!

Wise Old Owl

The Wise Old Owl in front of the Birmingham public library, mirroring the looks of the building.

used books

Antique bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

used books

Another antique bookshop in Ediburgh.

17 books 6 (640x480)

Books for sale!

17 books 7 (480x640)

An open bookshelf: take what you want to read, bring what you want to share!

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books and Paper.  More photos of these can be found here.

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