5 words, in and out of the box

47 nascent


47 pullulating


47 victuals


Schrauben und Muttern


47 reflective


There was this pond covered with water lilies, one about to be born like Venus of the watery foam, a nascent life form.  Nearby lilac flowers looked like an abundance of writhing snakes pullulating in the bushes.  This made me hungry so I went to the famous Viktualienmarkt in Munich with its hundreds of stalls selling victuals of every kind.  A car passed by – and I wondered if a nut feels maternal towards bolts, after all in German they are called “Mutter” which means “mother”.   And I was back at the pond where a frog pondered reflectively about his eye glancing up at him from the water and he completed the circle quoting “Consider the lilies!” from The Life of Brian.

For Thursday’s Special – pick a word.  I’ve picked 5.

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jupiter najnajnoviji





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