Traces of history


Ladenburg was called Lopodunum in Roman times and an important town in the region.  Many streets were named to remember this past.  Some of the street signs come with explanations.


Titus Vlavius Vespasianus was Emperor when the first wooden fort was built.


During the time of Emperor Domitian the fort was rebuilt in stone.

Ausonius Trajan

Emperor Trajan elevated Lopodunum to a town and is considered the founder.

Decimus Magnus Ausonius was a Roman poet from Burdigala (Bordaux, France) in the 4th century. In his poem Mosella Lopodunum was mentioned for the first time in a literary text.


Emperor Hadrian ordered the limes in this region built, to safeguard the Roman settlements.


There were to men called Januarius documented in Ladenburg, a decurio (soldier) and a magister pagi (a town official).


Mithras was a Persian, later Roman sun god. A stone relief depicting him was found in Ladenburg.

For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.  More photos of streets, alleys, paths, avenues, and street signs can be found here.






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