Four out of 5

I kind of got lost yesterday (not really  but I had a hard time of finding the my car again). Luckily I had my camera with me and going through the photos I found four that would go with the  Pick a Word challenge from Paula at Lost in Translation.

49 canicular


Here I was still on track.  The gentleman saw me taking pictures and shouted and cajoled me until I had snapped him up.  He told me afterwards (after he’d crossed the road and we started talking) that only on the hottest days of the year would he go to the shops dressed like this.

49 scenic


Then I drove into the Odenwald with its beautiful scenery, parked the car and a few hills later I didn’t remember in which forest clearing I had left it.

49 splash


I came across this pond and for a moment thought I caught a lizard baking in the sun fully expecting the animal to disappear in the water with a splash.  It didn’t.

49 feathered


What a beautiful little flower, it truly reminded me of a bird.

Little wonder that I didn’t find anything remotely related to marine considering that the Odenwald is the German mountain range that is furthest away from any saltwater body.

My little envisaged stroll of 15 minutes fresh air had turned into a two hour hike, with so many ups and downs that it was quite strenuous.  I’m not sorry, though.

For Lost in Translation: Pick a Word in July.

For more splashy, feathered, scenic and canicular photos, possibly also marine ones, click here.

jupiter najnajnoviji

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