It’s abstract. But is it art?

003 g lilies

There is no abstract art.  You must always start with something.
Afterward you can remove all reality.
– Pablo Picasso

Debbie at Travel with intent gives the quote and an image, and if inspiration strikes there will be more photos here.

I used the Photoscape program and then edited the image with the Lunapic editor  ( ) which has an option to render the photo you upload in the style of a particular artist.  I don’t think Picasso is really all that good and typical but this possibly because he had such different styles but I stuck with it anyway because it is his quote.  Then I went back to Photoscape and used an artistic effect, swirl in both cases (the effect is different because the lilies were already in a collage when I started out) and tweaked the colour a bit in the second.

Somebody stop me I could play around like this for hours and hours!

003 sharp 4



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