Gugge mol do!


Guggemusik is played by bands, mainly during carnival, in Switzerland and the southwestern part of Germany.  The English Wikipedia describes the style like this: “It is a strongly rhythmic music of distinctive style played with brass instruments, pipes and drums. Although melodies remain clearly recognizable, they are at times played “off-key”, intentionally and often quite skillfully. Driven by a dominant rhythm section, the music sounds twisted and thrilling, very danceable and perfect for spontaneous street concerts during the “wild days” of Carnival.”  This particular group are the “Pantoffelgugge”, the band of the “Pantoffelhelden”.

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One thought on “Gugge mol do!

  1. The bright colors of their uniforms make me think of the Italian commedia dell’arte stock characters, especially the pantelone. 🙂 Wonderful photo and information! Thanks for joining the challenge!

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