Diving Duck

67 duck.JPG

I am not an accomplished handicraft person but I dabble occasionally, mainly knitting and crocheting, sometimes sewing.  Embroidery has never appealed to me greatly but a few years back I came across the concept of “free stitching”.  It basically means a mix of stitches and materials.

This picture (the original is 100 by 50 cm) started when I found a piece of mother-of-pearl that was shaped like a beak and at the same time I saw an underwater photo of a bird diving amongst branches and various underwater plants.  I took it from there and used beads, seeds, shells, leather, old earrings, ribbons, and whatever I could find.  The longer I worked the more creative I got, overlapping buttons, crumpling up material, raiding my jewel case.

I had never before done anything like it, nor did I do something similar afterwards. By the picture holds pride of place in our bedroom.

Nancy at A Photo a Week asked for a photo of something that I am proud of having accomplished.

Other people’s accomplishment can be found here.


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