I’m walking with my lantern …

19 lights a

🎵🎶  … and my lantern is walking with me  🎶🎵

In Germany (and many other European country) Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated on or around 11 November.  In our area there are processions of children carrying lanterns, singing songs like “Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne”.  In larger towns a rider dressed up as a Roman soldier proceeds the children, in remembrance of the legend that St. Martin cut his coat in half to share with a poor man who was clothed in rags.   At the end of the procession children are rewarded with a sweet pastry, either a pretzel or in the form of a man.  In some areas the children then ring on doorbells to collect sweets comparable to Halloween customs.

The lanterns are often made by the children themselves in class, although some are oviously bought.

19 lights c

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lights.

For more photos with lights of all kind, click here.









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