For One Word Sunday: list.  And what a list it is!

It is forbidden in the forest to

  1. start or maintain an open fire – including a bbq fire
  2. smoke between 1 March and 31 October
  3. camp
  4. leave waste behind
  5. drive on forest tracks without a permit

Violations are a misdemeanour and carry a fine of up to 10,000 DM. Forestry office Bad Bergzabern.

From the fine it is clear that this is an old sign.  But boy, does it feed into prejudices about Germans. 😜

More lists or possibly listing photographs, have a look here.


4 thoughts on “Verboten!

  1. That’s a great list – I love it. And given the terrible forest fires we’ve all been witnessing in the last couple of years, we certainly understand rule no. 2.
    I also appreciated the German lesson – rule 5 was beyond me without your kind translation

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    1. I applaud your German for rules 1-4! To be honest, I think all of these rules are sensible behaviour in a forest it’s just that this blunt listing of what not to do and the warning of the possible fine is so very German. In England it would have said something like: Please do not camp in the woods and refrain from lighting fires. We would appreciate it if you do not leave any waste behind … 😀


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