Towering memories

97 tower a

When I researched the name of this tower I found it aptly described as “Aussichtsmonstrum” = look-out monstrosity.  There is, even with towers, no accounting for taste.  It adds 21m to the Stäffelsberg (480m) to afford a view over the Pfälzer Wald in the southern part of Rhineland-Palatium, close to the French border.  

Blauer Hut + Windeck

This much older tower (by about 700 years) is arguably more beautiful.  It stands in Weinheim, on the other side of the Rhine.  It has dominated my childhood as my parents’ (and now my sister’s) garden lies directly behind it.  Which is why I include this less popular view of the Blauer Hut (the Blue Hat, as it is known):

Blauer Hut

For One Word Sunday: Tower.

For more towering photos, click here.

3 thoughts on “Towering memories

  1. What a great word – Aussichtsmonstrum – I love the way German brings small words together into a big and meaningful word.
    And great images. Towers often turn out to better from the top than from the bottom 🙂

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