Dampfnudel und Kartoffelsupp’

Dampfnudel mit Weinsoße

Some 50+ years ago this was often what we ate on a Saturday: potato soup and yeast dumplings or sometimes yeast dumplings and wine sauce.  It was either and not all together as it is offered here on the window of this pastry shop in Ladenburg, near Mannheim.  I had never seen this combination – Dampfnudel und Kartoffelsuppe – in a restaurant before.  It was  a real blast from the past, evocative of Saturday mornings which were spent in school, coming home to mum’s home cooking.  A time when Saturday afternoons were meant for working in the house and the garden, shops closed at 1 or 2pm, and the busy day slowly eased into the weekend.  Food on Saturdays was simple and traditional, usually eaten in the kitchen, unlike more formal Sunday fare.

This is linked to A Photo a Week Challenge: nostalgia.


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