The sign of the times

105 fashion a

I don’t know what was better – the individual attention to each garment (for those that could afford it) or our mass produced wares (but available for the masses).  In any case, a lot of our fashion of yesterday ends up here:

105 fashion b

It is probably the better option compared to simply throwing used clothes and shoes in the garbage although there are issues with this kind of recycling, too.  If I can I rather pass on my no longer used fashion items to an organisation where I know they will be worn in Germany and don’t end up destroying indigenous industries in third world countries.  Or I wear them until they fall apart and end up as cleaning rags.

This is linked to One Word Sunday: fashion.

3 thoughts on “The sign of the times

  1. I do love the old-fashioned clothes but know I would hate wearing all that confining attire. I’ll stick to yoga pants. I agree about the charities but so hard to know where the stuff ends up.

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