2000 years of outhouses


This is the remains of a toilet facility built by Romans in a villa rustica in the Odenwald in German.  When it was built it was most probably not an outhouse as such but now it is as open as anything.

103 outhouse 5

This is from more than a millenium later, in the ruin of a castle in Handschuhsheim near Heidelberg.  Since it has no direct water access (unlike the Roman facilities) it was a lot less hygienic.


This now is from the 21st century: plastic and with a slightly humourous sign.


Finally, for my private satisfaction.  The poster of a local wannabe politician with a sign that shows where I think he belongs.

103 outhouse 2

Linked to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: bathrooms, outhouses and port-a-potties.


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