It is not a mosque

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“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.”

Aldous Huxley

This is the Red Mosque in the palace gardens of Schwetzingen in Germany.  The mosque was built in 18th century and is today the last surviving of similar constructions that were en vogue in Europe then.  It was never meant as a place of prayer but rather to illustrate the common search for principles of reason in the spirit of enlightenment.  Hence, the words written on the walls may or may not be correct in Arabic, their origin lies rather in Western culture or in how the West perceived Oriental culture.

Erwirb dir Gold so viel du brauchst

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Although it is a wrong image of a foreign culture, it was done with good intentions and the means and knowledge available at the time.

Incidentally, although it has nothing to do with Islam as religion, it is one of the  most popular spots for wedding photographs by Turkish and Arab couples in the region.

Linked to Travel with Intent where you can find more photos inspired by the Huxley quote.

3 thoughts on “It is not a mosque

    1. To us Westerner, it probably does. And not that the architects then didn’t do their homework, But to proper Muslims it has apparently, a lot of things missing or things which are simply wrong. It’s probably as if a person who is not Christian but has visited a number of protestant and catholic churches tries to build one and mixes up altar and cross and pulpit etc.

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