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In this part of the Odenwald, house fronts are often covered with  wood shingles.  In the old part of Michelstadt, they stand side by side with half timbered houses.  I don’t know what the original colours were, but this one looked incredibly pretty in powder blue and white, the white flowers giving it almost a monochrome look.

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    1. Shingles are widely used as roof tiles in Germany, and I guess elsewhere. For facades of houses they are known throughout the southern part of Germany but in some areas they are seen much more often, e.g. in the black forest (usually wood that tends to go dark to black with age) and in Southern Thuringa (where they use a few white shingles to make geometric patterns). Around here, they are usually painted in pastels but I have no idea how modern this development is.

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      1. Now I remember why the villages in Thüringer Wald looked so depressing (to me). The shingles there are not made of wood but of slate. So everything is dark grey.


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